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Monday, May 2, 2011

My New Stock Pick Is Out ... ORFG

Calling All Investors To Take advantage of this new stock pick

released for Monday, May 2nd.

I have outline a small overview of ORFG.

Gold is currently pushing all time highs and is sitting above $1500 an ounce.

ORFG is a junior mining company in Columbia situated near another Gold mine with a Cinderella story.

Ventana Gold, in just a little over 2 years has gone from $.54 a share to currently over $13 a share. Ventana has been the target of a take over Brazilian Billionaire Eike Bastita. Batista is offered 8.3 times the value of Ventana’s assets, the most expensive cash deal of $1 billion or more for a gold company in the past decade, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

View chart on Ventana Gold:

Could ORFG be the next Cinderella story?

Check out how close ORFG's properties are to Ventana and view map:

Watch a video overview of ORFG

I'd recommend you do your research on ORFG this could be a huge winner.

Best Regards,

P.S. I think we have finally found away to BEAT THE STOCK MARKET

Monday, September 13, 2010

AAPH up over 5% Today! Expect BIG Returns Tomorrow!

American Petro-Hunter, Inc (otcbb: AAPH) Started at a Price of $0.30 per share! when we posted it some hours ago and closed today at $0.31 per share. This is a GAIN of over 5%! We saw a share gain of about 76,000 today! It's obvious from today's performance that investors are starting to notice AAPH!

We Highly suggest getting in on AAPH tomorrow! We've seen reports all over the internet
expecting AAPH to rise quickly to atleast $0.60 per share and definately surpass $1!

With American Petro-Hunter, Inc continuing to expand their INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE drilling projects, it's no doubt that AAPH will EXPLODE in stock value soon! Smart investors will be getting into AAPH as soon as possible, if they haven't already!

AAPH is still considerably low! This stock is expected to TRIPLE! Today's Gain in both value and share volume is a clear analytical sign that investors are taking notice to AAPH!
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Get in on AAPH while it's still low!

Good Luck Investors, I'm confident AAPH will make us all Happy!

Happy Trading.

Here It Is! otcbb: AAPH is Our Next Stock Pick With Great Profits

Ticker : Otcbb: AAPH


AAPH is Ready and Set to Skyrocket up! Here's why: American Petro-Hunter, INC (otcbb: AAPH) is about to start their second phase of their North Oklahoma Project development plan!
Since May, they've been acquiring a leased land position that now covers 7 lease blocks that include several promising shale oil targets. Their initial wells confirmed the potential for considerable production from the resident shale oil formation and they now have the first of those wells producing!

The latest exciting news is that they plan to drill two wells in the next 60 days! The Company has been advised that onsite operations are scheduled to commence around September 11th with a planned spud date scheduled for September 13th!

AAPH anticipates that the well could be drilled and completed by the third week of September!
The first well has been designated NOJ26 and is planned as a 4,000 foot vertical well targeting multiple prospective zones including their 48 foot shale target plus the Simpson and Wilcox formations. The Wilcox is recognized as one of the most prolific producers in the region and nearby existing analog production has produced a cumulative 80,000 barrels of oil per well with 7 years of commercial activity to date. Wilcox wells often deliver initial production rates in excess of 100-120 BOPD with 200 MCF of gas.

American Petro-Hunter INC (otcbb: AAPH) Second Phase Stats:
Location: Northern Oklahoma
Land Holdings: 7 Lease Blocks
Formations: Woodford Shale, Simpson, Wilcox
Depth of Test: 3,800 - 4,000 feet
Gross Pay Interval: 48 feet
Number of Wells: 15
Projected Initial Production Rate: 200 - 500 BPD!
Work Program: Drilling September 13th!

AAPH has so much POTENTIAL it would be CRAZY not to invest in it! This company is Producing consistently GROWING results! Not only is AAPH's current project producing incredible results and cash flow, but they have SEVERAL Projects expected to produce EVEN MORE! And BEST Of All... Those projects, as well as the news on them, Is expected to be released through-out September, November, and Even LONGER!

These will CONSISTENTLY Produce RECORD HIGH GAINS! AAPH is so influential, with so much ALREADY-PROVEN POTENTIAL, That we know AAPH will make for BOTH an ASTONISHING, RECORD BREAKING, and Absolutely Incredible Short Term and LONG TERM INVESTMENT!

AAPH is going to make Consistent HUGE Gains for a LONG TIME! We KNOW this Stock has BETTER Potential than ANY STOCK WE HAVE EVER SEEN! And Because of this, We want ALL of our Subscribers to make HUGE GAINS!

Visit their Investor Relations site here:

We highly suggest signing up for their corporate news and event releases to keep up-to-date with their New Projects! We'll be following this stock for a little while, As we watch our subscribers continue making Record High Gains with AAPH!

Happy Trading Everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

....Investors Get Ready for the BEST Stock Pick we have EVER Featured!

Get Ready Investors! This is one of the Most AMAZING Stock we have seen ALL YEAR LONG! Soon I'll be posting here our latest stock pick, Featuring the BEST Stock we have EVER featured!

Make sure your investing accounts are ready and you're reading our Blog, Because YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS ONE! This particular stock has so much POTENTIAL It would be CRAZY not to invest in it!

This company is innovating their industry and Producing consistently GROWING results! Not only is their current project producing incredible results and cash flow, But they have SEVERAL Projects expected to produce EVEN MORE! And BEST Of All, Those projects, as well as the news on them, Is expected to be released through-out September, November, and Even LONGER! These AMAZING Press Releases are going to grab the Attention of MILLIONS of Investors!

This will CONSISTENTLY Produce RECORD HIGH GAINS! i will be posting the Stock within the next week! So be READY and WAITING! Get in early on this stock, Because you DON'T Want to Miss Out on These GAINS! Even if you get in late, we expect this stock To consistently rise for AWHILE! That's right; the Company behind this Stock is so influential, With so much ALREADY-PROVEN POTENTIAL, That we know this Stock will make for BOTH an ASTONISHING, RECORD BREAKING, and Absolutely Incredible Short Term and LONG TERM INVESTMENT!

This Stock is going to make Consistent HUGE Gains for a LONG TIME! We KNOW this Stock has BETTER Potential than MANY STOCK WE HAVE EVER SEEN! And Because of this, We want ALL of our Subscribers to make HUGE GAINS! So get your investing accounts ready and be waiting for our Official Alert, Telling you exactly which AMAZING stock we are talking about!
You will REGRET missing this opportunity if you don't get in! So be on the look-out!

We will be Alerting everyone the exact Stock SOON!

Thank you, and get ready to change your life!

Monday, April 19, 2010

..... My Stock Pick of 2010 is... BGBR

Ticker: BGBR

This will be a quick post. Because the market is about to open. The name of my stock pick of 2010 is:

Big Bear Mining Corp. (BGBR)

(Right now, at $1.17 per share.) Remember what I said:
If BGBR does not triple in price over the next 4 weeks I will RETIRE as a stock picker.

Most of you will probably remember me saying the same thing one year ago. (Before my last pick.) What happened?
The stock rocketed from $0.35 to $1.06 on MASSIVE volume. Over 40 million shares traded. It became one of the hottest stock plays of 2009. But it has been a year since then. And the market is MUCH, MUCH hotter.

The DOW is right now peaking at 11,000 points. (Back in 2009, when I released my last pick... We were just emerging from the bear market.)

Yesterday I sent you a report which detailed the reason I am picking BGBR today. If you didn't read it, go here:

The essence of it, is this: Right now investors are looking for alternative investments. This sector is booming. And Big Bear Mining have just announced a "revolutionary" new business model. It's called a "Direct Participation" investment scheme. And it allows accredited US investors to invest DIRECTLY in specific Gold mining properties. These accredited investors put up 85% of the capital required. And BGBR match their investment with the other 15%.


Because BGBR's management do all the hard work. (Finding properties, Geological testing, Exploratory drilling etc.)
BGBR earns 50% of the revenue from each mineral property! This allows BGBR to acquire and drill Gold mining properties at 15% of the usual cost. But it's a great deal for both parties. The accredited investors - who need know nothing about mining - sit back as BGBR does all the hard work. And each month... They'll receive a fax which details:

1) Ounces of Gold mined.

2) Price received on sale of Gold.

3) Net revenue due, after deducting
operating expenses.

All ready to be filed with the IRS. BGBR could almost be likened to the hedge fund of the mining industry. They manage and invest accredited investor's capital. But instead of making 1 or 2% like hedge fund managers. They make 50% of all future revenues! What's more: This couldn't have come at a better time.

With Gold at $1,137 an ounce... Gold mining companies are enjoying huge profit margins... And most public Gold mining companies are posting record profits. It's a genius business model. And when combined with the current
"Gold Mania" -- it's easy to see why I'm so excited about BGBR. I believe this pick will be one of the biggest stock plays of 2010. And right now, you're one of the very first to hear about it.

Use this information wisely.

Best Regards,

P.S. You can read more about BGBR's "Direct Participation" business model on their corporate website:

(Click on "Big Bear Joint Ventures")

Sunday, April 18, 2010

.........Stock Pick Coming Today Read More

Mark this date on your calendar: 19th April, 2010.
On this date, I am releasing my new stock pick. It's been almost a year since my last pick. A pick many of you will remember as one of the biggest penny stock plays of 2009.

The stock rocketed from $0.35 to $1.06 within 2 weeks. Over 40 million shares traded. And all of this despite being in one of the worst bear markets since the 1920's. But since then, things have changed.

Right now the DOW is back up at 11,000. Investor confidence has not only been restored... The sentiment on Wall Street is now almost euphoric. Stocks are rallying, and it's safe to say we are in a major bull market. All of this gives me a huge amount of confidence in next Our pick.

You' see, in a bull market it is penny stocks which benefit the most. Investors are willing to assume the extra risk in looking for the gigantic rewards. (and they can be "gigantic" my last pick rocketed 203%).

Before I dig right in. And give you all the details on This stock pick. Let me first say: This Post will not mention the companies name or stock ticker. (That will be coming in a separate
Post Later) But Just in case that Post delays we are also going to upload it here:

(So just hit that link, at 9am EST on Monday.)

One more thing... I want to publicly make the following statement. In front of all of Our subscribers:

If my new pick does not triple in price over the next 4 weeks I will RETIRE as a stock picker.
The last time I said that was in 2009. (My last stock pick.) What happened? My pick rocketed from $0.35 to $1.06 Some subscribers made thousands. Some, tens of thousands. And this, right now, is my first stock pick since then. Lets get straight to it...

Right now investors are pretty much sick of Wall Street. Each day we're finding out how Wall Street is rigged against us. A timely example is the recent Goldman Sach's debacle.

If you haven't followed it... Goldman Sach's sold their clients an investment product which was
designed to fail. (i.e. Goldman made their money, when it failed!) Leaked emails show Goldman Sach's top management chuckling about how it was about to fail:

"More and more leverage in the system. The whole building is about to collapse anytime now...
Only potential survivor, the fabulous Fab... standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implication of those monstruosities!!!" (that's the exact email.)

Because of this... For the past year, alternative investments have boomed. We may be in a bull market, but many investors are still concerned about jumping back into bed with Wall Street.
This has been one reason for the recent...

"Gold Mania"

When Wall Street crumbled last year, Gold rocketed in price. And rocketed. And... rocketed. In fact, Gold reached a high of $1,215 per ounce. To put that in perspective... Just 9 years ago, the same ounce would cost just $273. This "Gold Craze" has been on CNBC, Fox Business, MSNBC almost every day for the past 9 months.

Gold seemed like it was on a never ending bull run. So it may shock you to hear... I don't believe Gold is a good investment. Lets use common sense here. At the end of the day, Gold is simply a shiny, yellow metal. It has no utility. If you buy it as an investment it sits in a vault someplace and does nothing. No one has any real use for it. You're making a speculative bet that there will be greater demand for this yellow metal in the future.

On the other hand...

Most other investments tend to "pull their weight". If you invest in shares of a company, every day your shares "go to work" for you.Your share of the company has a utility. It earns money.
Your share of the workforce turn up each day and work for you. Your share of the brand, the
machinery and the management all work for you. Without you ever lifting a finger. Your investment grows each year, because it works for you.

Gold won't do that. Investing in Gold is purely speculative. I feel like I've beaten you over
the head with it. But you get my point. I don't like Gold as an investment. It's much too hard for most investors to analyze. Because... It is dependent on literally thousands of economic & political factors. (Business cycle, Supply constraints, Government trade policies, US dollar
value, investment funds etc.)

But... I hear you ask: "If Gold isn't a good investment, what is?"
I'm glad you asked. While I don't like hard Gold as an investment. I do like companies benefiting
from the current "Gold Craze".

Let me explain...

You' see, if a Gold mining company can produce an ounce of Gold at a cost of $400/ounce. With Gold at $500/ounce profits are fair. No one's getting rich, but things are good. When Gold rises to $1100/ounce. (Like it is right now.) The cost of mining for that Gold stays the same. In fact pretty much all costs stay the same. The difference between the $400 cost and $1100 spot price becomes all gravy.

Which is why, over this past year Gold stocks have also rocketed on a seemingly never-ending bull run. Heck, have you seen all those TV ad spots for "Cash For Gold"? They literally just ask people to send them Gold in an envelope. Then they send back cash. A few years back... They would NEVER have worked. With the current high price of Gold one of those companies even
advertised on the Superbowl!

Forgive me, I digress...

How many industries can claim profit margins industry-wide grew 500% last year? Not many.
But Gold mining companies can. No one was forced out the market to create those profit margins. It was all real, new demand for Gold. Every Gold mining companies slice
of the pie got bigger. Much bigger. And so, knowing all this. I'm about to tell about something
I believe is... "The Best Investment Imaginable".

Like I said, investors right now distrust Wall Street. Mortgage backed securities, Junk
Bond funds
, Highly leveraged hedge funds... etc. The curtain dropped and Wall Street
was exposed. So, it's safe to say - My "best investment imaginable" is nothing
some Wall Street hotshot could cook up. Something else... But like I said... I don't generally like investing in hard resources. Gold, Silver, Oil etc. The factors affecting demand for
these resources are just far too complex.

No CNBC or Fox News talking head has a clue about the complex reasons Gold could rise or fall.
Investing directly in resources is best left to macro-economic experts like George Soros or Jim Rogers. So, if resources are out... And Wall Street investment products are out.

What's left? Not much. But bare with me... Imagine if you were able to invest directly in a Gold or Silver mining property. Imagine you're partnered with an experienced mining company. You put up your investment. And they do ALL the hard work. They find the mining property. They organise the geological tests. They start the exploratory drilling program. They do everything.
And if you find Gold... The mining company work each day mining out the Gold. And each month... You receive a fax which details:

1) Ounces of Gold mined.

2) Price received on sale of Gold.

3) Net revenue due to you, after
deducting operating expenses.

All ready to be filed with the IRS. In all, this would be a hands-free way of benefiting from the current stratospheric price of Gold. (Without doing any of the hard work -- Or knowing a thing about mining!) Pretty sweet gig, huh? I bet with the current huge demand for alternative investments... Many investors would salivate just to participate in such a scheme.


Is there anything even better? I think so. How about if you could invest in the actual company making all of this happen. On the "ground floor", so to speak. (Along with management & financiers.) And before they've even began rolling out this genius business model.

The company I am making my 2010 stock pick is doing precisely this. They're calling it a "Direct
Participation" investment scheme. And it is only open to accredited US investors. (Wealthy people with a lot of money to invest.)

You' see... I wasn't lying when I said I believe this is a great investment product. Who wouldn't want to invest directly in specific mining properties? When the price of Gold is at over $1,100 an ounce. And most Gold mining companies are posting record profits. But... I believe the advantages to the company behind this are even greater. Accredited investors are required to put up 85% of the capital required for each mineral property.

With the company, in turn, putting up the other 15% BUT... The company gets a 50% interest in
the prospects of each mining property. i.e. for risking only 15% of the capital they get 50% of the reward. Not a bad deal, huh? But this is a great deal for both parties. Accredited investors need do nothing other than put up the funds. They can sit back knowing... The companies management is doing all the hard work. (And these accredited investors are able to invest directly in a mining property -- Without knowing a thing about mining!)

Can you see what is happening here? This company is tooling up to become the McDonald's of the mining industry. They're streamlining the entire approach to mining. Properties can be acquired, financed, explored and mined all in one set process. And requiring just 15% of the usual
capital. Meaning... Instead of just exploring 1 or 2 mining properties like most other companies.

This company could feasibly acquire dozens of properties, all over the world. And the companies management act more like hedge fund managers... They invest accredited investors funds
in whatever mining properties they believe have good prospects. They do ALL the hard work.
And yet unlike hedge fund managers who make just 1 or 2% -- The company makes 50% of all profits! And the timing couldn't be better.

With Gold at $1,137/Ounce -- I believe they could be overwhelmed with wealthy individuals seeking to invest directly into mining properties. Like I said, right now people are looking for alternative investment vehicles. (What better way, than to invest directly in a Gold mine -- With the price of Gold at an all time high?) The above report details why I am picking this stock tomorrow.

And it is also why I can be so confident to state: If my new pick does not triple in price over the next 4 weeks I will RETIRE as a stock picker.

Best Regards,

P.S. I believe starting tomorrow investors will realise everything I've told you about this company. Which is why... It is important you start your research immediately.

Tomorrow morning, (pre-market) I'll post here the company name and ticker symbol of this pick. The next 4 weeks should be very, very exciting. But, remember...

I'll also upload it here:

Friday, April 16, 2010

.........My Apologies For the Long Wait and Delays And Non Posting

My Sincere Apologies to all My Readers and Subscribers For Being Silent all this while and not posting Our Last Proposed Stock Pick, We Monitored Several stocks and the Stock we Followed up with and wanted to send out to everyone was actually looking good but close to the release date, we noticed some slight things about the stock that's why we didn't recommend that stock but the Stock actually did well and would have been a big Game for us with huge profits.

So My Sincere apology to all, We will rather Recommend Stocks that we are sure would Give you good guaranteed profits even if its Once or twice in a year than sending Out Multiple stock pick every week that will not give you consistent profits. So Please Bear with US.

We haven't released a stock pick in almost a year now. But...
I've just found a small and little-known company I find very, very exciting. And... I'm going to be releasing this as a new stock pick in just few days or so!

As you probably know my last pick was one of the most high profile stock plays of 2009. Over 40 million shares traded when I announced the pick. It was ALL over the internet. Not to mention, the stock rocketed in price from $0.35 to $1.06 (A 203% gain within just 2 weeks!) Many subscribers made tens of thousands of dollars within just days. It was probably the easiest
money they have ever made.

Almost every day since then I've been searching for possible picks. It hasn't been easy finding one. But when I do release this pick it will be one of the biggest of 2010. That, I guarantee.

Keep an Eye on this Blog, I'll be sending you the exact date of the pick.

P.S. It's fair to say, I don't release picks often.
(my last was almost a year ago.)
But when I do, they are BIG.

You might want to call in sick
at work - trust me, this pick
will be THAT good.

Thanks For Waiting.
Best Regards.